Welcome at freygeyster´s site.

Hello, here we present pictures and impressions we have had taken at markets and reunions. We do what we do in deep respect for live. We are no association, we are just friends with similar interests.
We want to learn and understand the old techniques and by this get more understanding about the life of these elder people.

This site becomes alive by the people visiting and being part. Come and see, ... from time to time, we are on a good way.....

taken and translated from de.wikipedia.org:
Freigeist was during the 18th century specialy in germany a well known designation rather devaluing term pointed to people thinking and acting beside the social and religious mainstream. The term should not be mistaken for a so called "Libertin", who has a main view about sexual aspects and dissipations and who is missing the independend intelect of a freigeist.
The scientific and philosophic counterpart is an agnostic.